You got a promotion! Welcome to Leadership!

3 Tips for moving from ‘Rockstar IC’ to ‘Rockstar Leader’

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
Dreamworks (2009)

Unless your team is made up of a series of you-bots, the single most important thing you can learn as a new leader is how to flex where you need to flex, and how to see the work from the perspective of others.

3 Tips for Navigating The IC-to-Leader-of-People Journey

1. Never stop figuring yourself out.

2) Figure out the people on your team and the dynamics of this-thing-called-‘team’

3) Become the boss of your ego

One of the most significant challenges you will face as you step into ‘excellence in leadership’ will be to become the boss of your own ego.

It will be up to you to explore, learn, develop and grow yourself. Hack your own development and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.

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